Hiring Process

The hiring process begins when you apply for a position.

  • You apply
    • Apply online using the application instructions.
  • We review applications
    • Potential candidates are evaluated based on their skills, education and experience.
    • A candidate “short-list” is created and those candidates are contacted within 4-6 weeks.
  • We interview short-list candidates
    • If you are applying for a current opportunity, you'll be considered for that specific posting.
  • We evaluate the candidates
    • Candidates are evaluated using an assessment guide. This allows us to objectively compare all candidates and ensures that we choose the best person for the job.
  • We contact the successful candidate
    • The successful candidate will be asked to provide a Criminal Record Check, and we will also verify education credentials.
  • We make a verbal offer
    • Once the pre-screening is complete we make a verbal offer to the successful candidate.
  • You accept
    • If you accept the verbal offer we send a letter and contract for you to sign and return to us.